Becoming a Master: Your Souls Potential and Galactic Consciousness.

becoming a Master

You and all other people have a soul and a soul consciousness. Most people, however, are connected to only a small part of their soul without benefiting from the great potential of the soul’s master energy and your galactic awareness.

“Becoming a Master” is a channelled book for all curious-minded souls that are on a spiritual search and want to experience the great unexplored potential of their soul.
The book will help you to achieve this by showing you how easy it is for you to connect with angels, archangels, masters and star energies that are available to all of us.
Throughout the book, there are exercises and suggestions on how you can raise your energy, increase the amount of light entering your body, and activate YOUR unique master energy. An energy which is an extension of your soul and a consciousness that is even greater than you could possibly imagine.

Do not worry if you are not sure what type of energies archangels, masters and star beings are. Rest assured – you are going to meet them in the course of this book. They will bring you light, soul awakening and transformation, preparing you for a new and enlightening era in a spirit of co-creation and heart energy.

By awakening the potential of your soul, you will be able to access and experience all the wisdom of your soul – and not just parts of it. You can then access its full power within your energetic body and your whole luminous being.

Let this channelled book be your guide and open up to this connection and experience the unexplored potential of your soul and your master energy.

Paperback version, 263 pages, eBook version and Audiobook. Starting as $8,24.
Author Line Rune Balling.

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