The Magic in Your Mind (An Eckhart Tolle Edition)

magic in your mind

Before there was The Law of Attraction or The Secret, there was The Magic in Your Mind by U. S. Andersen. Eckhart Tolle recognized the brilliance of this self-empowerment classic and here presents it anew as the latest volume in his imprint. In clear, crisp, invigorating language, Andersen offers a liberating message for anyone seeking to improve and understand their life.

Andersen outlines a “mental magic” that makes it possible to attain goals in any field — one made evident by his own many successes in a variety of enterprises. “Here,” he promises, “you will learn the secret way in which your mind is tied to the source of all power; you will learn how you are capable of becoming anything and doing anything you can visualize.” An essential addition to any spirituality/self-help bookshelf or night table, The Magic in Your Mind invites you to experience your innate creative mental power that’s just waiting to be unleashed.

The book has 280 pages, Paperback version, eBook and Audiobook. Starting as $10,50.


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