80 Super Erotica Collection

Erotic stories

80 Super Erotica Collection: A Sexy, Dirty, Naughty and Steamy erotic collection and anthology for Adults

Hot and naughty erotic stories that will rock your night again and again!
This set includes a variety of explicit short stories for women, men, and couples looking for immense sexual pleasure and satisfaction. In other words, the perfect erotic compilation! Indulge your dirty mind with every fertile story, guaranteed to make your heart race and your hands wander...

Note: These stories contain explicit content intended for mature audiences. If Dirty is the way you want it, hit the buy button and start reading in seconds.

This collection contains the following two books by Ava Desmond.
30 Erotic Thrills: Thirty Dirty, Filthy & Hot Lovemaking Adult Fiction Collection.
50 Dirty, Naughty, Erotic Short Stories: An Erotica Collection for Adults.

Paperback with 883 pages, eBook version available. Starting as $7,41.


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