Hyperdimensional Interference

hyperdimensional interference

Michel, a 45-year-old archaeologist residing in France, finds himself smitten by Sandra, a beguiling 36-year-old woman. Little does he know, their relationship holds profound mysteries.
As some people come and go from our lives, he questions whether karma can be influenced by dimensional entities. Dive into the exploration of these enigmas within the pages of a spiritually-charged Sci-Fi novel, spread across seven enthralling chapters and 65 pages of gripping narrative.

Set against the backdrop of a spiritually-charged and scientifically intriguing Sci-Fi narrative, this novel embarks on a quest to unveil the hidden truths of existence. Across seven enthralling chapters and 65 pages of gripping storytelling, it beckons readers to explore the tantalizing enigmas of love, destiny, and the interplay between the mundane and the mystical. Author Aleena Bot.

Paperback with 67 pages, eBook version available. Starting as $8,48. Portuguese version here.

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