Reality Creator Tree of Life Pathworking Part 1

Reality Creator

This Tree of Life book is unlike any other Tree of Life book you may have read or come across. Most Tree of Life books describe the overall quality of each Tree of Life place and then leave you off there. Why should you stop at reading about the Tree of Life? How about actually going there and experiencing it all for yourself? This book will take you there using your own power and skill!

The Tree of Life is a nonphysical training system to help you evolve your consciousness to a higher form. This nonphysical training system was set up long ago and it sits and waits for you to enter and engage it and its lessons.

This book series is a comprehensive manual on how to access and use the Tree of Life to spiritualize your consciousness. This Tree of Life work will take you from being a simple human to an advanced spiritual being. This transformation will be accomplished at your own hands. You will walk the path yourself, and you will achieve the goals with your own effort. Besides being fun, it will be a satisfying experience.

I’ve been transforming people for many years with my unique Tree of Life work. This process has been refined and perfected. Here I lay it out for you in book form. To accomplish the goal, you walk the steps and follow the directions in this book. I am confident you will have success from the very first moment that you begin this new adventure.

Author Tom DeLiso.

Ebook, $10,59.

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