Santa Muerte Codex

Santa Muerte Codex- Asamod ka

A spell book entirely dedicated to Santa Muerte; 100 spells, many prayers; how to consecrate the figure of Santa Muerte; prepare the altar; Santa Muerte amulet.
There are about 144 pages of spells for protection, destruction of enemies, binding spells, money, health, solving legal problems, protecting your business or home, and much more. How to make black salt; how to use coffin nails; a powerful Seven Santa Muertes spell; Siete Machos open paths lotion recipe; Santa Muerte lotion; Cuban and Mexican magick rituals.

Asamod ka is an experienced mage, author of excellent books in four languages (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish).

Paperback and eBook version. Starting as $10,40. Spanish version here, Portuguese version, French here.

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