War Between Covens

A war between two rival Covens, "Nightshadow Dew" and "Hidden Hand". Crime, witchcraft, and pacts with rival entities.
Cedric (Vodou hougan) and his girlfriend Emma (incorporation medium) are from the "Hidden Hand". Let's say it's a good Coven, it contains other members like Penelope (Wiccan witch), Evelyn, and Leonard (SanterĂ­a practitioner).
The rival Coven, more satanic, is "Nightshadow Dew" led by Jonas, his girlfriend is Isabella; and other members are Lou and Ella (a necromancer). The story takes place in New Orleans.

During the adventure, entities such as Baron Samedi, Damballa, Santa Muerte and Lucifer intervene.
This is the author's fourth book, with six chapters and 77 pages of pure adventure and emotion.
Author Aleena Bot.

Paperback with 79 pages, eBook version available. Starting as $8,59. Portuguese version here.

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