Realms of Wonder: Enchanting Stories for Kids

Realms of Wonder

The book encompasses 120 pages and unfolds with 28 enchanting short narratives. Within these captivating stories, readers are transported to a realm of magic and fantasy, encountering elements like unicorns, dragons, the enigmatic snow yeti, and an array of captivating animals.
Each narrative is meticulously crafted, delivering positive and engaging experiences while steering clear of malevolence and negativity. Tailored for readers aged 8 to 14, the content offers a secure and immersive journey.
In its entirety, the book comprises twenty-eight stories designed not only to entertain but also to impart invaluable lessons on themes such as friendship, altruism, hope, the preservation of nature, and the fortification of social bonds. The book is printed in color.
Author Michelle Starseed.

Paperback with 100 pages, eBook version available. Starting as $9,65.


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