Egyptian Magic: Secrets from Kemet

Egyptian Magic- Kemet

Egyptian Magic: Secrets from Kemet

A book with the help of this book you can go back to thousands of years to the beginning of magick and resonate with the Egyptian egregore. In this book, you will know Heka (Egyptian magic), correspondences for each deity (crystals, candles and corresponding colors), altar setup, strong unprecedented spells, consecrate talismans, kemetic astrology (your Egyptian sign). A book with intense research and hard work of several years. I tried to faithfully translate the meaning of hieroglyphics and some invocations into old kemetic (ancient Egyptian).
You will find a correspondence between Egyptian gods and Orishas, exorcism and Egyptian spells and prayers.
How to prepare an altar, original Kemetic names. Egyptian astrology, ceremonial group ritual, solitary rituals, celebration dates. Worship postures. Hieroglyphs table for coded writing. Invocations and enchantments in original Kemetic. Consecration of Egyptian amulets and glossary of Kemetic Terms. The Kindle eBook includes coloured letter and images.

Author Silvio Guerrinha.

Paperback with 133 pages, many images. Ebook version available. Starting as $9,33. Portuguese version here.

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