Fitness & Nutrition Basics: A Comprehensive Guide

fitness & nutrition basics

Fitness & Nutrition Basics: A Comprehensive Guide

Elevate your health and well-being with "Fitness & Nutrition Basics: A Comprehensive Guide." In a world where the importance of fitness and nutrition cannot be overstated, this eBook is your compass for achieving a healthier, more fulfilling life. Author; Bill Fountain.

The Power of Fitness and Nutrition:
Discover how fitness and nutrition work together as the dynamic duo of well-being. Proper nutrition fuels your body, supports growth, and wards off chronic diseases, while fitness strengthens your heart, builds muscle, and boosts mental well-being. Together, they form the cornerstone of a holistic approach to health that empowers you to lead a more active and satisfying life.
How This eBook Can Help You:
This comprehensive guide is your invaluable resource for gaining essential knowledge and practical advice. You'll grasp the fundamentals of nutrition, from macronutrients to portion control, and understand how to make informed choices about your diet. Explore the principles of fitness, different types of exercises, and workout routines, while receiving actionable guidance to implement healthy habits into your daily life. With a sample meal plan, workout template, and real-world examples, you can apply your newfound knowledge immediately.

E-book, paperback and hardcover versions, 141 pages. Starting as $10.59.

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