Katie Chin's Global Family Cookbook

Family cookbook

Katie Chin's Global Family Cookbook: Internationally-Inspired Recipes Your Friends and Family Will Love!

"This cookbook is packed with flavorful and colorful dishes that definitely reflect Katie Chin's personality. Her recipes are easy to follow and will allow any home cook or chef to have success in the kitchen. --Chef Dorian Hunter, MasterChef season 10 winner".
Katie Chin's new cookbook brings the world to you through the lens of food. Perfectly seasoned with Katie's passion for both food and culture, this book is fun, entertaining and educational. Her easy-to-follow recipes will give you the confidence to create the international dishes you've always wanted to try. Katie Chin is an award-winning cookbook author, television chef, food blogger and US Ambassador to Women's Entrepreneurship Day.

Hardcover with 234 pages, colorful images, eBook version available. Starting as $13,70.


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