Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI for Beginners

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI for Beginners: The Complete Guide (Generative AI & Chat GPT Mastery Series)

Amazon bestselling author & AI Consultant David M. Patel is going to show you everything you need to know become an expert user of artificial intelligence & generative AI.
In this action-oriented guide, you are going to discover:
In part I – Artificial Intelligence for Beginners:
The Fascinating History of AI: 60+ Years of Breakthroughs
5 Major Components of AI You Need to Know
The 3 Types of Machine Learning & How They Differ
What Role Data and Algorithms Play in AI (Most People Overlook This)
Major Fields of AI: NLP, Computer Vision and Robotics + Applications

In part II – Generative AI - Foundations:

What Generative AI Is and Isn’t
The 9 Types of Generative AI & How They Work
Business Ideas with Generative AI: 2 Detailed Case Studies
How to Build & Develop a Generative AI Model from Scratch
4 Essential Tools for Developing Your Own Generative AI Model

In part III: HOW TO-GUIDES & Practical Applications:

How To Use Generative AI for Copywriting, Graphic Design & Video Editing
The 12 Best Generative AI Tools for 2024 (#7-#12 Are Barely Known)
13 HANDS ON-GUIDES - Write Articles & Design images with AI & Build Your Own GPT
5 Ethical Questions & Concerns around Generative that Need Answering
How Generative AI Will Transform & Disrupt Healthcare, Media, Education & More
50+ Best Generative AI Podcasts, Influencers and Thought Leaders to Follow
And so much more!

"ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & GENERATIVE AI FOR BEGINNERS" is for anyone who seeks to step into the world of AI, whether you are a complete novice curious about the basics, a professional looking to enhance your toolkit, or even a skeptic wondering what all the fuss is about.

Don't miss out on the AI wave – whether it's to boost your career, ignite your creativity, or simply to understand the future unfolding around us. This book is a must-have for anyone ready to explore the potential of AI.

E-Book, paperback and hardcover versions, 216 pages. Audiobook also available. Starting as $7.41.

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