The Great American Recipe Cookbook Season 2 Edition:

American Recipe cookbook

The Great American Recipe Cookbook Season 2 Edition: 100 Memorable Recipes to Celebrate the Diversity and Flavors of American Food

The hit PBS cooking competition returns! Dish up all the standout recipes—familiar favorites and bold new flavors—from Season 2.

In the second season of The Great American Recipe, a new set of the country’s most talented home cooks shared the stories of their lives, backgrounds, communities, and cultures, all told through food.

In this companion cookbook, you’ll bring home more than 100 new recipes from the cast, host, and judges: Meals that made their big moments memorable. Family treasures handed down through generations. Iconic regional foods and twists on everyday classics. And even the weeknight standbys they turn to for quick, family-friendly dinners.

In short, this is the best of American home cooking, in all of its incredible diversity—from the East Coast to the islands of Hawai’i, from indigenous to immigrant families.
Accompanied by gorgeous food photography as well as captivating images from on-set, these recipes are accessible for home cooks and sure to become favorites at your table.

Paperback with 264 pages, eBook version available. Starting as $15,80.

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