The Kybalion- Three Initiates

the Kybalion

"The Kybalion" - Three Initiates.

Since its publication in the early 20th century, the unique concepts and teachings in “The Kybalion” have and continue to enjoy a significant impact in New Age circles. Initially published in 1908 under the authorship of Three Initiates, which is thought to be a pen name of New Thought pioneer William Walker Atkinson, the book is a modern Hermetic tract. Based on the purported teachings of legendary Hellenistic figure Hermes Trismegistus (egyptian Thoth), “The Kybalion” adds a uniquely modern twist and engagingly accessible perspective to medieval Hermetic texts.

“The Kybalion” offers a new slant on the ancient teachings.

Although sometimes criticized as dismissing the historical traditions of Hermetic philosophy in favor of early 20th-century ideas, “The Kybalion” is an insightful and engaging introduction to Hermetic thought. It is now believed that William Walker Atkinson was one of or perhaps the sole author of the book.

It has 173 pages. E-book, hardcover and paperback versions. Starting as $9.00

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